The Mindful Authors Accelerator

A Wisdom School for Creative Writers

From uncertain, unsure, isolated, a little (or a lot) scattered and confused,

perhaps doubting and inconsistent to. . .

➡ Excited, inspired, confident, clear, empowered, connected

and then published!

Your Voice Matters!
Your Ideas, Your Vision, Your Story 
is Important and Deserves to Be Heard!

I am really very happy to be a part of the program. It is so wonderfully inspiring, creative, supportive, and healthy.
Taking what you need as you go is really working for me. I have progressed in very little time, clarified  
many aspects of my story, and lit up the courage of authorship in my everyday life. This was done through the framework,
possibilities and the rhythm Albert presents to us in the course.  I went from overwhelmed to inspired and slightly manic, in a good way!
Despite the challenges of outside demands on my time, I have managed to prioritize my writing practice and I really needed to do that.
That is huge. Being supported and offering support is heart warming and I am learning so much. You hold space compassionately for all and manage to address questions with such careful and precise attention, we feel welcomed and encouraged to be curious about the whole process. THANK YOU."

—CL Montreal, CANADA

I will be forever grateful for the time I had with Albert during the Writing As A Path to Awakening workshop.
 He created a safe environment where all expressions of creativity and emotion were welcome.

Barbara Becker
agented and published author of the book Heartwood: Living with the End in Mind Flatiron Books (Macmillan, 2021)
with endorsements from GloriaSteinem and Roshi Joan Halifax

Thank you for the reader suggestion and notes.
Most of them are new to me. Having the important points all in one place for quick reference is a huge timesaver!
The book suggestions are on my to-be-read list. Loving the new format and platform!

I'm loving the access to the meditation in this space!
 I don't get sidetracked into unimportant things switching to another meditation platform.
It is making me more efficient. It is also a great reminder to take a sanity-break when writing into something painful.
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

How exciting! I just finished Lesson One and I am inspired.
I am writing daily, showing up, embracing the craft, allowing myself to be a writer.
Grateful and energized!

“The critique seminar was so insightful and inspiring!
To hear my fellow writers sharing about their writing process and to hear their work read out loud,
gave me so much to think about for my own writing. I love being part of this group of extraordinary people! Thank you Albert and Audrey!

I am amazed at the value that has been added to my creative writing life as a result of the Mindful Author’s Accelerator Program.  As a creative writer with a myriad of employment streams and “side-hustles” in play, I have experienced challenges staying focused on my own artistic work. The structure of the Mindful Author Accelerator has supported my focus, given me a community of phenomenal writers who provide non-judgmental feedback, and inspired me to nurture my ideas and stay the course. My creativity now has a foundation to stand on, be supported by, and most importantly, flourish upon. I am so deeply grateful to Albert and his team for providing clear, consistent, inspiring content and community. The MAA Program is first-rate – a true artistic home.


"I am really very happy to be part of the program. It is so wonderfully inspiring, creative, supportive,
and healthy."

"Albert created A safe environment where all expressions of creativity and emotion were welcome."

"The MAA Program is
first-rate – a true artistic home."

Other Testimonials

The Mindful Authors Accelerator

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Dear Albert,

you are excellent at giving constructive feedback and making the feedback palatable. You helped me understand where I was ‘at’ in my writing, helped me realize I need a writing structure, made me feel I could achieve my writing goals (step by step), and gave me tools to add to my writing endeavors. Thank you so much.

—A.S. San Francisco


Dear Albert,

In our coaching sessions I felt guided to a new point of awareness and a new way of looking at an issue or process in my writing that I had not thought of. I found this very useful. This is hard to do on your own, so your role as a coach was of great benefit!

—J.H. Emeryville, CA


Albert’s one-on one-coaching was a transformative experience for me. He shares his craft with an open heart and possesses deep wisdom and knowledge about writing. He is trustworthy, warm, funny and honest, which makes working with him really fun! He taught me usable skills that have helped me to be accountable to my goals. He really helped me find my voice as a writer.