Join bestselling author and legendary teacher GEORGE SAUNDERS and Albert Flynn DeSilver for an exceptional daylong writing experience focusing on the art of story and story structure. In the age of mass infotainment, how do we make our stories on the page shine through a crowded visual world?

Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Online Virtual Event

10am-2:30pm Pacific

The day will include a morning session on story structure, including writing exercises with Albert Flynn DeSilver followed by a 1 hour lunch and then a 90 minute intensive afternoon session with George Saunders.

*Extraordinary writing prompts & exercises
*Discussions on Craft
*Connection in creative community
*Insight & support
*Special gifts and bonuses for attendees

With George Saunders & Albert Flynn Desilver

The Art of Story & Story Structure


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Writing into Truth: A Free Journaling & Open Writing Class

This is a weekly online journaling and open writing class offered by Albert as a way to keep us connected to the soul of our creativity.

Albert will share prompts and exercises, and/or a brief reading from a poem, memoir, novel or article as a way to jump-start our writing. We will then write together for 20 minutes, Albert might share a brief talk for 5-10 minutes, and then we will have time to share for those who want to, and then save the last 10-15 minutes for discussion and further resources.

Online event


"Cultivating Creativity, Wisdom & Compassion in Difficult Times"

This is a weekly online guided meditation class for 1 hour on Wednesday. It will include. . .

*10-15 minute guided meditation
*10-20 minute talk on cultivating wisdom and compassion in difficult times
*20 minutes of sharing, discussion and/or further resources

Weekly Meditation for Writers
Online event

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Writing as a Path to Awakening

workshop experience

How do we cultivate a true depth in our own writing?—those layers of profound emotional insight and revelation that inspire and move us as readers? We must first look inside ourselves and be willing to touch that raw emotional core at the heart of a deeper creativity. The practice of writing is ultimately an exploration of consciousness, a practice toward greater self-awareness.

Writing as a Path to Awakening workshops are an opportunity to explore more profound levels of personal identity and creativity through innovative writing exercises and practices, coupled with periods of dynamic meditation. You will learn. . .

* Innovative writing prompts and techniques
* How to create more TIME in your life for writing & creativity
* Ways to free yourself from writing blocks, self doubt, procrastination, and other hindrances
* How to access enhanced levels of creativity. 

You will leave with...

* Stronger writing skills
* An expanded sense of your own divine being
* An extensive understanding of the connection between creativity and consciousness.
* Connection to an extraordinary and diverse creative community