Diversity Statement

Albert’s & Brilliant Writer, LLC Diversity Statement:

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the cornerstones of our culture, creative practice, and teachings. Albert Flynn DeSilver and Brilliant Writer, LLC are devoted to including and celebrating a diversity of voices and ideas, varied approaches to creativity, and new perspectives—understanding that this is precisely what nurtures a dynamic community, expands creativity and fosters innovation in disciplines of both heart and mind.

Albert Flynn DeSilver and Brilliant Writer, LLC believes diversity, equity, and inclusion enrich the creative experience of our students and staff, and are necessary to prepare all people to thrive personally and professionally in a global society. Therefore, Albert & Brilliant Writer, LLC is firmly committed to an environment that affords respect to all members of our community and beyond.

We acknowledge the need to confront the ways racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, classism, LGBTQ+ phobia, intolerance based on religion or on national origin, and all forms of bias and exploitation have shaped our everyday lives.

We accept personal and professional responsibility to eliminate bias and oppression wherever they are found. We understand our obligation to speak up when we see bias whether it be in our teaching, study, or daily work. Our community will educate themselves proactively and continuously about how to intervene and bring bias to the attention of others with commitment and compassion.

We will hold ourselves accountable for our actions and inactions, and for maintaining intentional, measurable, and meaningful efforts to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion, including through ongoing evaluation of our policies, practices, and procedures.


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