Are You a Great Reader?

“All great writers are great readers.”

I was recently talking to a best-selling author about students we sometimes run across who say they don’t read very often. We both looked at each other and told them, as if they were standing right in front of us, “Then your writing will never improve.”

It’s as simple as that. Every successful writer I know is a voracious and diverse reader. How else do we learn about style and what’s possible with sentence structure, phrase, and tone? Reading inspires— it gets us to the page and reminds us how we would say it (write it) differently. And don’t ever say you don’t have time to read; you need to make time in order to become a better writer.

Reading is critical to your success as a writer. Any kind of quirky, innovative writing can inform your own. To be a great reader, and therefore a great writer, one needs to read at three primary levels:

  • The big picture
  • Characters
  • The sentence

As you’re reading, highlight passages and words that reflect the value of each of these elements. By careful and engaged reading, you will pick up the tricks of the writing trade.

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