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So, here’s the deal. . .I’m looking for 15 people to join me in 2017 for a VERY EXCITING new program called The Writer’s Mastermind: Journey to Publication. If you’re not interested, totally cool, no need to read on…

Because of the intense nature of my teaching and publishing schedule, I haven’t done this before, and since so many of you requested it, I am making an exception in 2017. Not sure if I’ll do it again. We’ll see.

For 20 years I have been meditating, writing, teaching, and (for a time) publishing–in that order, and things have finally started to really come alive for me, and this amazing community of writers, readers, and meditators— that’s YOU! A moment to say THANK YOU for being there and being not only interested and engaged, but supportive!

My goal has always been to motivate, inspire, and support writers in order to help them go from amateur scribbler to published author. This is part of my mission!

I have been blessed to teach alongside some of America’s most inspiring best-selling authors like Elizabeth Gilbert, Cheryl Strayed, U. S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan, and many others.

Many of these workshops were daylongs, or maybe a week, and were the only way people could work with me.

This year, though, I felt like I wanted to open up the vault and give a select few committed and motivated people with book projects the opportunity to work with me in a deeper, more meaningful way. . . and for an extended period of time. I have always emphasized the critical role of working with teachers and mentors over time in fostering growth. I have personally found this to be THE way to take your writing AND your life to the next level.

This reminded me how much I love going deep in an intimate, hands-on way, co-creating growth and dynamic creative-writing strategy in order to support serious writers on their journey to publication.

So, I’m going to do something I haven’t done, ever…

I’m looking to work with a max of 15 motivated and committed writers, with book projects, who are ready to finish that book and ready to set a goal of publishing their book or securing an agent or publisher in 2017.

The Ultimate Writing Retreat

The goal is simple…

We’ll form a team. It’ll be creative-writing generative and publishing-prep oriented. We’ll go deep into each person’s creative vision. We’ll also talk creativity, life-style support, publishing strategy, and platform. We’ll talk about the 10 P’s from Purpose, Passion, and Practice–to Platform and Promotion. Whatever is needed. It’ll be hands-on, supportive, and inspiring.


  • LIVE event #1: Maui, Hawaii with best selling author Dani Shapiro.
  • LIVE event #2: Asilomar Center on the Monterey Coast: “The Yoga of Creativity & Writing” with Dr. Melody Moore & Albert Flynn DeSilver!
  • Monthly One-to-One Private Coaching & Mentoring with Albert!
  • Monthly Group Coaching with Albert!
  • Quarterly conference calls with Agents, Editors, and Publishers!
  • The Master Class for Successful Writers online course!
  • The Elizabeth Gilbert Exclusive LIVE STREAM with Liz teaching and lecturing from her amazing event in Napa, CA!
  • Brilliant Writer’s Insider’s Guide to Securing a Literary Agent.
  • Brilliant Writer’s Insider’s Guide to Writing a Best Selling Book Proposal.

Once you commit, get ready to blast off with your writing project, and see a massive growth-spurt in productivity.

Our group calls will be in direct response to EACH of your specific needs so everyone gets their needs addressed. This is about getting specific, strategic, and personal.

Okay, so who is this really for?

There are three critical qualifications. You must:
  • Have an established writing practice and a clear idea of a book project you could realistically complete in the next 1-2 years.
  • Have an established meditation and/or yoga practice.
  • Already have written at least 25,000 words toward this particular project.
  • Be ready to work hard, write hard, read hard, and contribute to the community.

You’ve also got to be a genuine, generous, and kind person and yearn, with every fiber of your being, to write, complete, publish, and promote your work in the world. And, you have to be willing to work insanely hard to make big things happen!

Why does this matter to me?

Because, I love working with committed creatives who take action and have little interest (though lots of compassion for) “over-thinking dabblers.” I’m sure you feel the same.

Just as important, this is not for you if you’re trying to figure out your next move. That is an important and honorable place to be, but for this, you should already be on a clear path. We will be focused intensely on accelerated growth, and publication, not finding your calling.

We’ll come together twice a month for intensive online sessions, plus your private session. You will have reading and writing goals and “homework” commitments. Each person will have substantial time devoted to their specific needs. And, beyond my input, you’ll benefit greatly from the shared brain-trust wisdom of the entire group, which can easily compound the growth potential, ideas, and awakenings for all.

How will I choose the 15 people?

Pretty much using the criteria I shared above.

It’ll be application, invitation, and interview based. I never sell, it’s always about fit. I want to spend my time with the people I described above, and so do you. I’ll review applications, schedule 15-minute Skype interviews, and make offers to applicants who are a great fit on a first-come, first-served basis.

So, if say 50 people apply right away, and 8 out of the first 10 are a great fit, I’ll stop reviewing applications and close out the group without going deeper into the remaining 40 applications. I’m guessing it will all happen very quickly.

How much will your investment be?

I do essentially no coaching and very little consulting anymore. When I did, my fees were $500/hour (x 3 sessions a month =$18K per year). People who work with me are not paying for my time, they’re investing in the value of a specific desired outcome they know to be many times greater (getting their book published, for example). This is no different.

Your investment, if chosen, is ONLY $897 per month, (paid in 12 monthly installments–a little higher to cover fees) or $9,997 paid in advance for the whole year–12 months. Non-refundable. (Just for the record, the monetary value of this program is over $20,000.)

When you commit, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be taking the spot of someone else who, like you, wanted it desperately. I don’t take that lightly, neither should you. So, when you say yes, I’ll expect you to show up and do the work. And, you can expect, I’ll deliver highly-specific ideas, strategies, actionable insights that, when implemented over the next 12-months, will far exceed the value of your investment.

Is it worth it for you?

Only you can know. And, I’m happy to help you figure it out on a call, if you choose to apply.

Like I said, on the rare occasion when I do things like this, I never sell, all I care about is fit. My goal is to deliver a level of insight, knowledge, experience, inspiration, and practical writing and publishing guidance that will fuel exponential growth in creativity and impact over the next 12-months. And also let you leave with a new “inside team” of champions and accountability partners to ensure you do the work needed to experience very real, measurable results.

  • Albert Flynn DeSilver is a gem, a joy to work with and puts on amazing workshops! –Cheryl Strayed (International Best Selling Author of WILD)
  • “What an enchanting journey. Thank you Albert!” –J.V., Berlin, Germany
  • “I think I speak for everyone when I say that this past week was absolutely EXTRAORDINARY. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your presence and leadership.” –K.B., Atlanta

By the way, if you’re curious what other awesome humans have said about working with me, you can read some more testimonials here.

Again, it is entirely up to you to decide whether to get your application in.

You can apply without obligation, then if you’re a fit, we’ll jump on a quick call, so I can learn a bit more and you can get any questions you might have answered.

Here’s the link where you’ll apply.

With a max of 15 spots, I’m pretty confident they’ll go very quickly.

And, if it’s not right for you, but you’ve got a friend who needs this more than anything, feel free to forward this email. Just please don’t post it online. At least for now, this is a private invitation.

Either way, wishing you a wonderful rest of the week!

With a love & gratitude always–and to your writing success,


P.S. – Whether you’re application is chosen or not, please know… you are an amazing human and a #BrilliantWriter. It’s never a personal judgment, it’s always just about the right fit for this very focused and immersive strategic experience.

Live well, love well, write well

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