What is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block can be a very real issue for some people. What do you do when you feel your creativity has dried up, you have nothing to say, or you feel everything you do say has already been said? Writer’s block can be paralyzing.

The true antidote is silence.

This might sound absurd, but really the only way I’ve ever been able to reinvigorate my writing practice and get the vibrant ideas churning again, is to turn off my chattering brain. Sit down and do nothing. Sit in silence. Or walk contemplatively in silence. Focus on the simple fact of your breathing. Entertain, or glom on to no thoughts, just let them stream on through.

If you have a particularly vexing issue or life challenge, try an hour of vigorous exercise first, and then come to a period of silence. If this is difficult for you, try it in short increments at first, 5-10 minutes, and then extend to 20, 30 or 45 minutes. This is a powerful practice that can change your writing practice and your life forever! I would recommend a class on mindfulness or meditation, or hire a coach who has meditation experience. You will be amazed.

Writer’s block is often a case of “monkey mind,” a mind consumed with memories, obsessions, fears, anxieties, and anticipations.

Meditation helps calm the mind, settle out the thoughts, and restore the body to a state of peace and openness.

With repeat practice over time you will notice more space in your mind for original creative ideas, and a renewed energy to put those ideas to the page with confidence!

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