Coaching and Consultation 2020

Coaching and Consultation 2020

Group Coaching Program Starts April 22. Space is Limited. Email owlassistant (at) gmail dot com for details.

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Coaching With Albert

Albert Flynn DeSilver publishing consultant, book doctor, and writing mentor.

Albert is now OPEN for publishing consultation around self publishing, traditional “big five,” as well as hybrid publishing.

Dear Albert,
you are excellent at giving constructive feedback and making the feedback palatable. You helped me understand where I was ‘at’ in my writing, helped me realize I need a writing structure, made me feel I could achieve my writing goals (step by step), and gave me tools to add to my writing endeavors. Thank you so much.
—A.S. San Francisco

Dear Albert,
In our coaching sessions I felt guided to a new point of awareness and a new way of looking at an issue or process in my writing that I had not thought of. I found this very useful. This is hard to do on your own, so your role as a coach was of great benefit!
—J.H. Emeryville, CA

Albert can help. . .

  • Develop, write, and complete a professional book proposal
  • How to find a professional literary book agent
  • Find reputable professional editing resources
  • Coach you through your book or writing project!

Albert Flynn DeSilver and Elizabeth Gilbert in Napa, California November 7, 2015


Dear Writer,

Do you need support along the writing journey toward publication? Are you frustrated by how hard it can be to . . .

  • Get clarity, motivation and inspiration for your writing practice?
  • Stay focused and stop procrastinating?
  • Find quality, professional editors?
  • Figure out the RIGHT WAY to secure an agent?
  • Understand all the various publishing options available to you these days?
  • Learn how to promote you and your book in an effective manner?

Well, then Albert (being a widely published and agented author in multiple genres) is available for expert consultation for writers; how to secure a literary agent, editing, and publishing. This is by the hour with a 2 hour minimum.

To schedule a consultation CLICK HERE

Albert is also available to work with a select number of serious writers each year depending on his writing and teaching schedule. The Expert Coaching for Writers Program is designed to take you from where ever you currently are with your writing, to where ever you want to go. From periodic or inconsistent scribbler, to practiced disciplined writer with a finished manuscript—from frustrated and rejected amateur to skilled and devoted professional. Whether you are unpublished and just getting started or are an accomplished writer with publishing credits and a polished manuscript and simply need to figure out how to get an agent—this program is custom designed for your specific needs and situation and includes the following:

  • FREE Strategy session.
  • Initial assessment, goals, and planning.
  • 3 hour-long phone or Skype sessions (unlimited emails).
  • On-going support, resources, and referral.

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