The Discipline of Silence

Guest Post By Emma Robertson

The twins both stood at the open back door. They peered outside, into our sparkling sunny garden. First one up, loudly named the “cold”, he sounded concerned. Little brother, who was stood right behind him, gave a reassuring hand on his back. “Is alright,” he said.

It is truly amazing what you can hear when you choose to be silent. The birds were tweeting and the foliage was occasionally rustling in a slight breeze as we all trooped out to exercise. The boys booped forth to bounce and play in the beautifully clean and fresh air of this morning. Meanwhile I practiced exercising my silence.

Little nods of assurance were all that were needed from me and each one was cordially accepted by my beautiful boys as they babbled away to one another, to themselves and the world at large.

This exercise gives rise to an ideal opportunity to practice communication using mainly eye contact. Patience can be gently encouraged this way. Waiting for the attentions of Mum’s eye contact is usually rewarding; I try adding different hand gestures and some pulled and exaggerated facial expressions, similar to the lovable CBEEBIES character, Mr. Tumble.

Gently stretching my self upon the slight incline that is our garden path, I gravitated to a garden chair to ponder on this wonderful feeling of love. “How can I bottle this feeling?” I wondered. A smile matched the warmth of the sun.

All of this sifted away as the day unravelled but this warm feeling of peace did endure. Each moment of stress was gently eased away with a therapeutic memory of this morning.


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